A recent graduate in Sociology from Wintergreen College, Sid lives his life much like he did while attending school. His roommate, Benjamin B. Bounty, is chronically unreliable and Sid often finds himself picking up the slack. The only way he can think of to get money is the responsible way, finding and holding a job, but he's found this significantly more difficult than he was led to believe in college. He is currently a waiter at the restaurant Bruno's Detroit Style Pizza.

Benjamin B. Bounty
After a failed Presidential bid in 2004, Benjamin B. Bounty graduated from Wintergreen College with a degree in political science. In 2006 he made another attempt to run for political office, this time for the Congress. That campaign was nearly thwarted when a bunker filled with crude oil was destroyed being repossessed by the credit card company. It was later leaked to the press that the crude oil was illegally imported from Iraqi insurgents and Bounty was forced to bow out of the election in disgrace.


A philosophy graduate at Wintergreen, the compassionate Willow loves every living creature. She is keenly interested in animal rights, is a vegan, and is often very insistent of these beliefs. She comes from a wealthy background but is now a fierce anti-capitalist and scorns material possessions. She has been known to occasionally take drugs to aid with meditation, and sometimes she converses with forest animals.


Kenneth is a homeless beggar, and spends most of his days panhandling for change. During election seasons he frequently becomes involved in Bounty's campaigns, running a parallel one for Senate in 2004, and a campaign against Bounty in 2006, an act of revenge because Bounty left Kenneth out of his oil hording plans. Kenneth has been known to use a variety of maneuvers to deprive guilty feeling passers-by of money or more, and is not always sincere about the purpose for the money. At heart he's just trying to have a good time.

Jack Shamama

Jack is still a student at Wintergreen College, and a good friend of Sid and Bounty's. He can frequently be found at the local bars, at his job at the nearby gas station, and at Sid and Bounty's keg parties. Good looking and charming, he hopes to someday make a living off his face.


Keith is the general manager at Bruno's Detroit Style Pizza. He is very methodical and attentive to detail, which may lead him to lose sight of the bigger picture. He has very little power over his job, being beholden to the Bruno's corporate rulebook.


Cindy is a bubbly waitress at Bruno's. She likes sports and is apparently a Raider's fan. She is currently a student at a nearby university, and like most students her age, she loves to party. Her favorite escapes are spending all night in the club dancing, or driving around in a stretch limousine.


A line cook at Bruno's, Francisco grew up in Mexico and emigrated to the United States as a teenager. He speaks fluent English, but likes to play dumb for foolish white people who assume he doesn't know what they're saying.

Scott Morris

Aside from cartooning, Scott is a bartender for a jazz club in Oakland, CA, home of Jack London and Keak da Sneak. He grew up in the suburban town of Hyde Park, NY and attended a tiny school in the woods that nobody's ever heard of called Simon's Rock College. He has also lived in Montana, South Carolina and Budapest, Hungary.

Praise for Debt On

Debt On does not need a monstrous cast or any situations any more bizarre than those thoughtfully provided by real life to succeed. The situations that they find themselves in make the plight of the characters (to say nothing of ourselves) seem all the more sobering, when you stop to think about it.

Of course, there is the occasional curve thrown by the cast, or even sometimes to the cast that serve the dual purpose of lightening the mood as well as further illustrating the fact that changes are necessary, if not immediately in sight.
-Sketch from Sapo Entertainment
Frankly, maybe I'm reading too much into the entire webcomic but the boozy, irresponsible Ben Bounty often reads as a parody of a young George Bush. And there are plenty of pokes at politics including the war on weather, and this one about George Bush's recent address to the United Nations.

... Morris is also pretty good at working in the financial state of his characters into the strip as a whole with a couple of decent riffs on the standard "rich guy meets homeless" cliche. And for the most part it's just funny.
-Xerexes from Comixpedia

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