Does anyone still think that when they eat out their food is being prepared by a oldish white guy with a shiny white hat? I hope not.

UPDATE 5/03 I’ve got too much on my mind to crank out three comics a week these days, which sucks. In the interest of regularity, I’m thinking of making this a twice-weekly comic, but I’m still not sure what to do. I may just continue updating sporadically. But to make up for the recent slacking, here’s a new blog post with some of the planning sketches for my recent storylines.

5 Responses to “Compliments to the Chef”

Fesworks Says:

being that I have worked in several kitchens before. I completely expect all wait staff, cook staff, and dish staff to wish that people would go away and for themselves to find a better job. I will say that I’ve never worked with any people I suspected were illegal immagrants before though. Though, in my area, it was quite common to have people with mental disabilities work in the dish room.

Scott Says:

Hey, I never said Francisco was illegal.

Here’s a news story about most and least satisfying jobs, with server at the bottom and food preparer not far behind.

Happy Mayday! Get out of work!

Fesworks Says:

And I never insinuated that he was ;) With how “by the book” that manager is, I would not think that he’d do that… he seems he’d be anal about W-4 forms :P

I was just stating a general thing about my experiences because “apparently” its pretty common in many places.

Hell, I never got the “Home Depot” joke about mexicans… someone had to explain it to me because up in Minnesota, I guess I don;t get exposed to much stuff like that… I mean, we have a home depot here… there’s nobody that just hangs out by it :/

Actually, for the LONGEST TIME I never understood the whole middle eastern people and gas stations thing…. we never had such gas stations until like 4 years ago.

Our city must be repressed or something :/ … or maybe I’m oblivuous :P

next month I’m moving to the cities… soooo maybe I’ll notice more “this is how the rest of the US is like” sorta stuff :P

Scott Says:

Aaah. I understand what you were saying better now. Living in California, it’s easy to forget that the population of the U.S. isn’t quite so intensely diverse as it is here. The reason I would suspect you don’t see a lot of Mexicans in Minnesota is a simple matter of proximity to Mexico.

I’m a little surprised that you say you don’t see many Middle Eastern folks that way since there’s such a large Arab population in Michigan. But I know what you mean, I stayed in Montana for a while and I think the minorities in that town were limited to one black girl that worked in the bookstore.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Home Depot joke though.

I’ll back off a little, and point out that I never said Francisco wasn’t illegal, either. ;) When it comes to saving money, I don’t think the book would mean all that much to Keith.

Fesworks Says:

I suppose you are right about that with Keith, now that you mention it.