Just wait, this is gonna happen.

In other news the new site is mostly up now. It’s still incomplete and there’s some bugs, but for the most part everything’s running smoothly. I’ll post a proper update on this once I get everything finished.

In the meantime, check out a new blogging project I’m participating in, Primary Source News.

2 Responses to “Frontin on the World”

TSF Says:

It’s scary to think that all his previous moments don’t yet qualify as his Scarface moment… I’m trying to get up on the Primary Source blog, but it’s tough cuz I still don’t have a Google account and my browser is all in Korean (long story) so I can’t figure it out. What do you want me to write for it anyway?

Scott Says:

yo Stevie –

Thanks for leavin the first comment. I think your existing blogger account should be the same thing as your google account, so you just add it to that. As for what to write, whatever you want, as long as its a primary source. We just cruise the web looking for interesting shit like we’ve posted already and thought you might add an interesting voice to the mix.