In their defense, I guess they’re not the ones I’m writing the checks to every month. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t gotten that money already.

5 Responses to “Mas Dinero, Por Favor”

calan ree Says:

great comic. so true, too.

by the way, the new website looks kick ass. :D

Scott Says:

thanks, calan!

Dan Says:

Maybe your bills would not be so high if you did not attend the 9th most expensive college in the nation :)

malochnik Says:

yeah, its funny to take note which publications Crack Rock makes it into. No one ever knows about it unless it comes to school shootings or tuition rates.

Scott Says:

I like how the article noted that you probably never heard of it. They should make that the slogan, “The most expensive school that you’ve never heard of.”