Apparently some guys really aren’t cut out for it.

Sid’s like 0-3 now on the social interaction score. He just don’t seem to get it.

4 Responses to “Fatherhood…”

Fesworks Says:

Nothing wrong with holding out for the idea that people have some better common sense than that… that’s probably really cold for me to say… but… yea…

Liz Says:

hmmm… your recent comics make me wonder if you’ve been getting yourself into trouble with your mouth lately…?

Scott Says:

Well, I wrote them a while ago, so it’s not lately, anyway. More like I’ve watched other people get in trouble with their mouths, though. ;)

Sid’s naiveté is probably a result of not talking to enough people growing up. If you never meet somebody in a particular situation, you start to get ideas about what their life must be like, without any real knowledge. Sid gets too nervous when he talks to girls — and suddenly he gets down on young mothers not realizing they come from a world of different circumstances.

stephie Says:

you should do more comics….