Does it hurt to ask for a few small favors?

11 Responses to “I’ll Be Washing Your Dishes”

BC Martin Says:

Hey Why isn’t his name Ken? Are you inferring he might be a sexual minority? or Developmentally Delayed? That’s not funny. Maybe if he asked for a tip it would be funny. Hell it’s funny just not PC enough. I knew JFK and he was no dishwasher. Ask not what your country can do for you or at least don’t, for goddess’s sake, sign anything.

Scott Says:

Ha. Actually I thought Kenneth sounded kind of stuffy and yuppie so it was ironic. But what does this have to do with JFK??

Good to see you over here, BC. Hope you’re doing OK.

TSF Says:

Where’s the new comics? Just kidding, I’m sure you’ve got something cooking. I check this site everyday, dude. Good work; makes me want even less to ever work in food services!

vita Says:

haha.. thats funny.. back in the day when i was an overpayed dishwasher i definitly ate the food on the plate. hahaha, well said

Scott Says:

I know, I’m a slacker lately. I’m gonna get some out real soon! Promise!

On another note, there’s overpayed dishwashers in the world?

Thanks for the comments, y’all. Another reason I’ve been slackin is I’m splitting my interests. If you haven’t been reading Primary Source News, please do.

Yassin Jacob Says:


If you don’t make another damn comic Stevie’s dead. “His life is in your hands dude”


Scott Says:

The pressure’s on, folks. Can I save Stevie? Will the CIA find Yassin before it’s too late? Tune to Debt On to find out!

TSF Says:

Don’t worry, I know some yakuza motherfuckers that can handle Yassin, no problem. Plus, would he really want to off his ATM-in-the-flesh?

Yassin Says:

An ATM-in-my-pocket beats an ATM-in-the-flesh any day of the week. I’m not worried about Stevie’s yakuza affiliates, the only reason they hang out with him is because like yakuza is the worst hand in Oicho-Koba, Stevie is likewise considered the worst lover on the Korean peninsula. They are amazed that despite his known reputation; he still manages to juggle two Korean girlfriends.

TSF Says:

(Sorry to highjack your comments forum) Oh shit, once again it has been proven that when it comes to shit-talking, I am no match for Yassin, haha. Count your blessings we’re staying in a dormitory room full of people this weekend…

Scott Says:

C’mon, Stevie. You don’t have to take that shit. Oh well, I’m sure the CIA will be arresting that terrorist any day now. Just in case, I’m on the phone with the hotline now.

(New comic real soon. Fer real!)