Sid is such an idiot.

New comic!!! Sorry for the lack of updates — I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, working on going back to school, starting a new job tomorrow, etc. etc. I’ve got two scripted to follow this one, so I’ll try to get those out ASAP. I’d like to thank everybody for their understanding in these times of few updates. Traffic for this site is still as good as it’s ever been.

8 Responses to “Jumping to Conclusions”

Toothless Says:

Dude, you live your life. We’ll wait for the updates – thanks for a great comic.

Scott Says:

You da man, Toothless. I appreciate that.

Yassin Says:

I was up all last night crying because Stevie didn’t die on our trip to Seoul, how ironic. I suppose thugs cry too.

TSF Says:

Yes, you indeed saved my life with your last minute post. The reason your traffic is as good as ever is because I checked this thing like three times a day to see if you’d updated!

Scott Says:

Aha! Well, that explains all three hits. ;) I can understand why you checked so much, seeing as your life depended on it and all. But the real victory of this comic strip is that I made Yassin cry. What a bitch.

vita Says:

i dont get it

TSF Says:

Where are these new story-boarded comics? My life may be in danger again!

Scott Says:

Yeah, as I said things are crazy. I just moved into a new apartment so my desk is in shambles right now and its going to be a little while before i get the internet going again. Debt On will live again someday, though.

@Vita: sorry you didn’t get it, but a comic mastermind once told me, “if you have to explain a joke, there is no joke!” so I will resist the urge to explain this one. ;)