A plan to get Sid drunk.

Thanks to Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal for the link today. SMBC is one of my absolute favorite webcomics, a one-panel strip that is consistently freaking hilarious. Zach also helped me out with the artwork on this guest comic.

Also, the web site is finally fully functional. Sorry it’s being in such a sorry state for the last month or so while I’ve been adjusting to the new layout and features, but I wanted to get some good comics out there.

Basically everything about this page is different than what it was two months ago, so make sure you check out everything, be it the new organization of the blog, character dossiers, or just the new comment system for each comic and blog post. I for one am pretty excited about all that.

3 Responses to “A Plan is Forming”

Aarin Says:

Archives look great.

I’m writing a little wrap-up on the updates sites have been making, and I’ll be sure to let my readers know you’re fully-functional.

kyle Says:

you need a first button, since your comic has at least one linear story arc, no one wants to start at the beginning hit previous all the way to the beginning then start reading.

Scott Says:

The archive button at the top will take you to a list of storylines, but you’re right, I probably should add one. I’ll work on that.